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2 In this white paper the term ‘client’ refers to an investor who is classified as a ‘non-professional client’. For the sake of completeness we would like to point out that, under MiFID II, suitability applies to professional clients in some situations. MiFID II: Suitability and Appropriateness 5

Identifying your Investor Profile - Merrill Lynch Identifying your Investor Profile. 3 Extremely conservative investments sometimes earn less than the inflation rate. This may result in the loss of purchasing power. With respect to your investment objectives, which of the following is most true? a. My investments should be safe, even if it means my INVESTOR QUESTIONNAIRE - Sun Life Global Investments INVESTOR QUESTIONNAIRE FIND YOUR FIT ILLUMINATING. SUN LIFE GLOBAL INVESTMENTS Full assessments of each portfolio’s features and determination of suitability resides with the investor and the advisor. The above material should not be considered as investment advice. These materials should be used together with your nancial advisor.

Answer the questions on the following pages and use your score to identify where you may fit in the investor profile. We will review this questionnaire with you to 

This questionnaire is intended to assist brokers in determining an investor's suitability for trust deed and real property sales contract investments as required by  Explains the three main methods of proving accredited investor status. Typically, the Subscription Agreement (or a “Suitability Questionnaire”) will have a (An example would be a lengthy business relationship with the Sponsor and the  the FSA's guidance on assessing investment suitability. For more information on building a Many risk questionnaires rely on poor questions, scoring and. Owing to significant differences that exist in the nature, features and risks of investment products and the personal circumstances of investors, the FAQ are neither.

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SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT & INVESTOR SUITABILITY … subscription agreement & investor suitability questionnaire 3600 american river drive, suite 300, sacramento, ca 95864 meet the qualification and suitability requirements for investing in the company. each investor is agreeing to be bound by the terms of the subscription agreement and the limited partnership agreement. Arsenal Capital Management Investor Suitability - St Louis We therefore have an investor suitability process that we follow. ACM requires that every investor demonstrates sufficient knowledge and financial resources before investing in the Fund. This is accomplished through the completion of an investor questionnaire and financial statement. INVESTOR SUITABILITY ASSESSMENT FORM This Investor Suitability Assessment Form will guide you in choosing the unlisted capital market products that suit your investment objectives, risk tolerance, financial profile and investment experience. The information you provide will form the basis of our recommendation. It is Accredited Investor Representation Letter for Rule 506(c ...

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This Investor Suitability Assessment Form will guide you in choosing the unlisted capital market products that suit your Risk Profile Questionnaire. 1) When you  6+ Investor Questionnaire Form Sample - Free Sample, Example . The next section of the question is about the accredited investor and suitability standards.

REGULATION D “ACCREDITED INVESTOR” INVESTOR QUESTIONNAIRE REGULATION D QUALIFICATION STATEMENT An investor represents to an issuer of securities that they undersigned qualify as an “accredited investor” pursuant to Regulation D under the Act, as a result of having the following status:

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Investor Profile Questionnaire - Bank of Montreal Keep a copy of this Questionnaire and review it with your advisor on a regular basis to ensure that your investment choice continues to be aligned with your goals and objectives. The Investor Profile Questionnaire is designed to assist you in identifying the type of investor you are and is not intended to take the place of professional advice. MiFID II - Investor protection - Suitability assessment ... The revision of MiFID I leads to important changes in rules and regulations with regard to investor protection. The investor protection is enhanced due to stricter and new rules of conduct under MiFID II. The investment firm must make a suitability assessment for individual portfolio management or advice regarding financial instruments. Investor Profile Questionnaire — Saratoga Capital ... Self Scoring Questionnaire. For a self-scoring version of the above Investor Profile Questionnaire, please click the image to the right and consult our Performance & Allocation Update for the current asset allocations of the ten self-scoring models.. Please note that Saratoga Capital Management, LLC does not provide advice to individual investors, that our asset allocation models are not 87 INVESTOR’S QUESTIONNAIRE FOR PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS ...